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Norma Diana Stanton & Charlie Savage Partnership

A boutique production company that focuses on character driven Drama and Dramedy series.

"It's What We Do"

Founded by Charlie Savage and Norma Diana Stanton, Nikky Productions internationally fosters inspirational, mind-stimulating, and revolutionary projects that gracefully push the boundaries of film and television.  

What We Do

Who Is Nikky?

Who We Are

Norma Diana Stanton

Norma Diana Stanton is a dynamic screenwriter who wrote and produced the short film First Kiss, created and produced the series Lissa, as well as the series The Foundation. Norma was raised in The Netherlands and now lives in the United States.

At the end of 2019, she started a podcast called Black Girls with Accents, alongside Tracey Walters, discussing the topics of growing up as Black girls in Europe, experience migrating to America, and becoming cultural hybrids.

In her free time, she runs a virtual mock writers’ room, where members rotate their turns to lead the room and assist fellow writers in completing their concepts. Norma currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with her
two sons.


Charlie Savage

Navy Veteran, Screenwriter, Novelist, and Blogger, Charlie Savage projects a high level of enthusiasm in doing what she knows how to do best; CREATE!


The Ms. Veteran America Competition Coordinator is a New Orleans native who focuses all aspects of her writing career to better the world in giving knowledge in support of her Creole heritage, Women of Color, and the LGBTQ+ community. Each project Charlie's been involved in has been centered around vital topics in society that affects her culture and is overlooked by media.


Ms. Savage is a current fellow of the Writer's Guild Foundation Veterans Project, a Semi-Finalist in the Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices Competition, and a Finalist of the Prince William Little Theatre's Original Works Festival. 

Please be advised that Nikky Productions does not accept any unsolicited materials. ALL unsolicited pitches and scripts will NOT be read and immediately destroyed. 

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